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Bare Rub Body and Face Cream - 4 oz Glass Jar
Bare Rub Body and Face Cream - 4 oz Glass Jar
Bare Rub Body and Face Cream - 4 oz Glass Jar
Bare Rub Body and Face Cream - 4 oz Glass Jar

Bare Rub Body and Face Cream - 4 oz Glass Jar

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INGREDIENTS: Organic Grass-fed & Grass-finished Suet Tallow, Organic Jojoba Oil.

Fancy Farm’s "Bare Rub" is our naturally scented & all organic moisturizer with only two ingredients. 

We recommend Bare Rub to those with extremely sensitive skin, acne, redness/rosacea, and those suffering from eczema. This is also a great choice if you have allergies to preservatives and are searching for a truly pure, minimal ingredient, and organic product. 

  • Naturally contains vitamins A, D, E, & K + Beneficial Fatty Acids
  • Extremely gentle with only two ingredients
  • Ideal for easily irritated, dry, or problematic skin
  • Great for newborns and toddlers! 

1. ORGANIC GRASS-FED & GRASS-FINISHED SUET TALLOW: The quality and source of tallow matters when using it for skincare benefits. We only use rendered tallow from the suet. Our tallow is from a small family-owned organic biodiversity farm.

2. ORGANIC COLD-PRESSED JOJOBA OIL: Naturally contains vitamin E; Hydrating, moisturizing, and light on the skin. This oil allows the cream to whip nicely and helps create a rich creamy texture.

JARS: Our jars are fully recyclable, re-usable, and amber UV ray blocking to protect the awesomeness inside. 

SCENT: The natural scent of our high-quality Suet Tallow shines through. 

TEXTURE: A smooth and creamy balm-like texture. Our tallow is the best smelling and creamiest tallow on the market! 

SHELF LIFE: 12 months at room temperature, well over a year refrigerated. 

DIRECTIONS: Apply a small amount to fingertips, gently press into the skin. A little goes a long way! After a few minutes, you’ll notice it soaks in, leaving your skin feeling deeply hydrated. Excellent for everyday use, as a night cream, or both.

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Cami W.
United States United States
Bare rub and lip balm

Love it! I am also so happy you came out with a lip balm! I have wasted so much money on lip stuff that never works! I experience bad chapped lips and this brought me relieve within a couple days! Thank you!!!

Cynthia S.
United States United States
Best Lotion

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this lotion. I use it everyday and on everything. There is almost no smell and absorbs quickly. Make sure you buy at least 2 so you don't run out! I will only buy this product forever as it is so natural and wonderful.

grace K.
United States United States
Used on baby’s eczema

This is the only thing that worked on my almost 5 month old baby’s eczema! The skin began to heal within the first day of application. I am so impressed with and grateful for this product!

Michael S.
United States United States
Best ever!

I switched over to the Bare Rub after trying the Really Rose and as my skin is very sensitive, the Bare Rub has been working wonderfully for me, paired with the Eye Cream, Rose Mist, And Soap Bar, I’ve got a complete, 100% natural skincare routine that does the most for my skin, thankful for this company, just waiting for the Fancy Farm lip balm to release!

Ashleigh B.
United States
Love this stuff!

Helps my sons eczema immensely!